Top 5 things that will change when “Internet of things” and Yoga come together

In about 5 years, smart refrigerators are expected to become household things. Your refrigerator will scan the things in it and report a stock update. It could add things to your shopping cart in the retailer website. It could also compare with your friends’ refrigerators and rank the contents in your refrigerator based on a health index. You might hear suggestions from refrigerator like “above average fat content” or “you will run out of milk today” or “your friend purchased a bottle of Chateau Latour”

The age of “Internet of Things” will soon dawn upon us. It will (and has already: For instance Ralph Lauren) connect the day-to-day things to the internet and also multiple things between themselves with the help of sensors, electronic devices and of course the internet.

How could internet of things transform the way we practise yoga?
Here are my 5 points:

1. Asanas/Postures: Smartmat can give you feedback on alignment of postures and distribution of weight on the mat immediately. If you are practising yoga alone or away from your tutor this could make a world of change to your yoga practise. Check out this video and you can pre-order a Smartmat here
2. Breathing: Your smart phone/sensors could find when your normal breathing is altered during a yoga practice. It could give a warning too. There is no app on this now. (You have to be content with heart rate measuring apps or simulated breathing apps which are not Internet of things)
3. Bandhas/Body locks: Whenever Bandhas/body locks are not engaged sensors could detect the same and give you instant feedback
4. Meditation: There are several brain wave devices with apps which can detect what type of brainwaves your brain is emitting. Since your brain emits waves of certain frequency during meditation you will be able to get instant feedback whenever you deviate. Check one of the items here. Remember there is difference between calmness and mindfulness, so these devices might not be 100% accurate all the time
5. Interconneted devices: Now, you can connect the devices with each other too. Breathing device can be connected with the postures one or integrated together. This can help give proper feedback about complex postures where your breath is allowed to go out of pace when you are an apprentice. Also, these devices can be connected with similar devices that are used by your friends or your tutor, so you can instantly compare.

I know yoga doesn’t necessarily require technology, but if props can help progress faster, then why not “internet of things”. Isn’t it a prop too?

I got to go. My smart Diwali fireworks are updating me that it is time to burst them!


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Have you commissioned a big data art piece yet?

As big data captures the imagination of the world (facts of the world, to be more precise!) and the data invasion transforms the way we live every day I have attempted to cherry pick its baby steps in the field of art.

The presence of data in art is probably as old as the humanity itself. Palm impressions in ancient caves could be one of the earliest examples of data art, but here I am trying to peek into the world of big data, which was probably unheard of 10 years ago. A few shining examples have been linked here which is really a tip of the iceberg of what is to come. When combined with the latest innovations of digital art, big data art can mesmerize and challenge some of the best works in traditional art.

Data is about facts (well mostly!) and if you ask me that is the USP of big data art – facts. If the purpose of art is washing the dust off our souls (my favorite art definition), then big data art makes it real. When facts are placed and the veil covering the truth is lifted it is more appealing simply because it is true. The impact of such an art piece is far reaching and more importantly it can move the shallowest of minds into action because of the truth factor. Picasso once said that art was never true. It was a lie which brings out the truth. But with big data art I feel it is different. It is the glaring truth right in the face which cannot be ignored very easily by anybody and therefore that much more powerful. It also adds an aesthetic touch to numbers. It gives us the unique opportunity to bring into life the biggest canvas of them all – Life. Yes, the facts of our life itself can be laid bare and visualized as big data art. Can you visualize your life? To say it is exciting is still an understatement when it comes to big data art.

Here are a few examples I picked online. There is lot of content here. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back whenever you need some data entertainment. Also, if this gave you new ideas regarding big data art feel free to share in the comments section. I would be very keen to hear them.

  1. Open data institute (University of Southampton is an honorary founding partner) has come up with innovative ways of generating awareness using big data art. Here is a link from WSJ:

  1. Quantified self ( is an inspiration for collecting personal data. ‘Blocks of time tracked’ by an individual, color-coded by activity is brought into life here. Can you make art out of your Fitbit data? What would it look like?

  1. Data music presents the truth here:

  1. In this artwork, survey data is 3D printed to give unique representation for a community. Has your community got some unique numbers? Get an artwork done for them based on those if they mean so much to you

  1. Ads and interactive data art– Prudential’s domino commercial is soaring high from stacking the numbers into art here.

  1. Corporates have been queueing to get big data art installations in their workspace

  1. Media churns infinite numbers every day. Here Facebook summarized its political conversations and showcased them beautifully on none less than the London wheel during the UK elections

  1. What do colors in Flickr and Instagram tell? Art tells the story without words in these visualizations.

  1. Earthquake data– Whenever earth shakes near Hayward Fault in California, it is detected by a seismograph and processed to generate this piece of art.

  1. Social awareness– If you are fighting for a cause data art could be the game changer.


More links: